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annie wants a baby

Lucy Reibart,
she's a friend of mine.
Later she'll go,
back and redefine the line.
It's getting longer all the time.
Oh yeah
Can't get sunshine,
she likes the taste of it.
She had a goldmine,
but then she wasted it away.
You should have seen her yesterday.
Oh yeah

Send along the way,
Nothing stops ?yay?
Sugar Daddy,
loves her madly.
Cosmo ?Shiva
God oh made you a believer.
I don't need to tend her,
why do I believe you?

Annie wants a baby now
Annie wants a baby any way she can.

Missing pieces, she's got a lot of em.
Time decreases, I wish I thought of 'em before.
Before it's time to close the store.
Oh yeah

a lonely sink of fame.
Some liberation,
the only seed we ever came.
I wanna help you but I can't.

No, No

Send along the way
Nothing stops yay?
Sugar Daddy, loves her madly.
Lover Kiva
God uh made you a believer.
Be our soldier,
let her,now you've gotten older.

Annie wants a baby now.
Annie wants a baby any way she can,

It's getting longer all the time.
It's time to re-design the sign.
Oh yeah
Send along the way

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