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catch a star

Experience babe, kickin' stones and cans
Experience babe, cigarette-stained hands
It's not too late, hear it in the wind
It's not too late, feel passion creepin' in
Intoxication, familiar smells of the hotels
Infatuation, of knowing who you are

You and I, You and I, You and I,
Arrow through my heart,
Catch a star.

Isolation, rows and rows of cars
Isolation, like Jupiter and Mars
Staring faces, set in celluloid
Welcome to the late show, starring Null and Void
Complications, things get in the way
Sweet sensation of knowing you are near and not too far

You and I, You and I, You and I,
Arrow through my heart
Catch a star.

You and I, You and I, You and I,
Freeway through your heart
Catch a star.

Catch a star!

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