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       Iron Maiden

pass the jam

I don't care
They're crazy
Said pass the jam, would you
Awfully kind of you
Now wouldn't it be a little bit nice to sing with this

Gazing at the open door
Just what lays behind
Thinking what I'm looking for
Say what's on my mind

Sinking ever deeper
In the words of guilt of shame
And now I can redeem myself
I just don't care

The words I'm singing they're just right
That's better for my brain
If I try to make much sense
You know I'll go insane

I just don't care
I just don't care

Stay and have some jam with tea
But Brutus wasn't kind
Wasn't strawberries that were red
He wasn't cutting bread

You pass the jam
And so he slammed the tea
?????? here to me
Was in the conservatory

Yeah, alright
Yes, but still over there
Sinking ever deeper
In the words of guilt and shame
I can redeem myself
I just don't care

Staring at the silver spoon
Take it from your mouth
Take it from the chapter
Turn and face the south

Now face the north
And the east
And the west
And the ?serpent song?

Still burning on in the night
Where's the sun at midnight
Say it's gone

Where's the moon at dawn
It carries on and on
It never ends

To the land of nevermore
Where time began
Where the man still stands

And the ??'x'?? at the end
Never know that I sang
You'll all know it's the right place
In time, well it is

The words I'm singing
That's just right
They're better for my brain
If I try to make much sense
You know I'll go insane

Pass the jam
Pass the jam
Pass the fuckin jam

Next up I'll scream
I will
I warned you
I'm goin home now

I say pass the jam, would you

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iron maiden

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