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       Chris Brown

a millie

A millie (20x)
So i'm just
Supposed to say
Some corny ish huh?
Ha, ha

Uh, yezzir
It be that
It be that
It be
Breezy millionaire
A milli here
And million in there
Selling out stadium
A million chairs
Steppin on and off
Stage killin em
I got
A million pairs
Of them all
White million airs
I am a beast
Every competition
Come please
Lock em up
Lock em up
Just put em
On freeze
On ice
I'm doin things
That rappers
Don't like
And i am makin
A milli (2x)
I am making
A milli (3x)
Gettin money
Throw it up
And watch it
And when it
Comes down
It's like magnets
In my pocket
Damn i got it
And green diamonds
They swang
From my chest
Bigga a bigga
I think
The hawks on my neck
I`m brilliant
Jay-z, weezy, breezy
So what us million

Singin niggas
Just chill
Cause i'm ill

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chris brown

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